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Questions Answered
Call Today - 201.655.1580

How does it work?
Fill out an order form – contact / credit card information or use paypal
Attach our shoot sheet to your items
Ship - It’s that simple

Why use
We have twenty years experience behind the camera, adding value to business, making products look their best. Our studio offers the best imaging which will be an asset in your marketing program.

What is the order form?
A basic contact page by which we can reach you and your business, to address any concerns or questions. Payment options are listed. Online alternatives like pay pal are also presented.

What is the shoot sheet?
A simple page letting us know if you require a file for print or web. As well as any specfic instructions you might have relating to your item.

What file size can I expect?
For web - 72 dpi file Jpeg ( dimensions you can determine)
For print – 300dpi file RGB Tiff (approx. 7x10, 16 or 8 bit)
If you require something special – let us know

How big of an item can I send to be photographed?
A standard photoshoot as large as 38”x38” and as heavy as 20pds. Premium shoot can be larger and heaver, but we ask that you email us to let us know.